Your Safety is our Priority

Go karting is a fun way to spend the day! Parents can rest easy knowing that Erbsville Kartway provides up to date, safe excitement for all riders. 

Our late model karts are designed and set up to Ontario’s TSSA (Technical Safety Standards Authority) standards. They feature carbon fiber bumpers, steel tube frame and roll cage, padded cockpit with four-point harness, and twin, hydraulic disk brakes.

All karts receive a daily 11 point inspection by our trained staff.

Helmets are provided, or feel free to bring your own DOT approved motorcycle helmet. Eye protection, such as sunglasses, is a good idea. In cooler weather, gloves and a windproof jacket will make more of a comfortable ride.

We try our best to keep the karts clean, however due to the nature of this activity, we will not be held responsible for damage to clothing.

The pit crew will instruct every group of riders about the rules. A harness check, a helmet check and brake check of every rider is made before the engines are started.

Our track is lined with energy absorbing barriers at all corners and critical locations. Radio equipped track marshals are stationed at strategic points around the track to insure everybody’s safety.